One of the first things people ask me for when the find out I’m a fashion blogger, is fashion tips. While there can be so many, there are some that are universal to everyone.

1. Fit: this one seems obvious to me, but it’s surprisingly easy to get wrong.

Just because a piece of clothing is technically your size and you can put it on your body, does not mean that it fits.

It may need to be professionally altered as well. People, especially women, like to think of themselves as a certain size. Buying a size 6 because it makes you feel better than buying the size 8 you actually need won’t do you any favors. Stepping out in something that is too snug can be unflattering. The same can be true of wearing clothes that are too loose. If you’re sporting a few extra pounds, baggy clothes may make you feel like your hiding your curves, but it can really accentuate things and make you look bigger. Your best bet is to buy clothes with structure, that nip in at the waist. Remember, wearing even the most beautiful clothing falls flat if it doesn’t fit right!

2. Following trends: it’s certainly okay to do so, but keep a few things in mind.

Only follow trends that are appropriate for your age, body type and demographic.

Here’s an example of trend following gone wrong that I see frequently: women (who are no where near their teen years) sporting trends from popular teen stores. I immediately hear the mother from Mean Girls saying, “I’m a cool mom!” But it leaves me wondering if their daughter knows her mom has raided her closet! Here’s another one that’s more in tune with body type, that applies to me personally: the new cropped flare pants that seem to be everywhere… I can’t wear them. I’m too short. They make me look even shorter than I am, and wider. A look I never want! If it doesn’t work for you, resist the urge to wear something just because it’s on trend.
Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more of my 2 cents!

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