Traveling can be great fun, once you reach your destination. Flying, however, can be quite tiring! The dry in flight air, rushing from gate to gate, less than desirable cuisine, and different time zones can be daunting. Truth be told, the thing I find most draining during air travel, is the other passengers! People’s lack or airport know-how, and poor etiquette really try my patience!

Here are some tips on how not to be an Airport Asshole:

At the security line– No one wants to be in line behind that person who just can’t get it together…

Have your ID/Passport and boarding pass ready by the time you get to the TSA Agent. Don’t dawdle and fish it out of your wallet while the agent and people behind you wait.
Be ready to move through the X-ray screening line quickly and efficiently. Slide your items into the machine before moving on, don’t just leave them there for the person behind you to manage. Know the rules regarding carry-on limits for liquids. Have your laptop and any other items that need to be removed from your bag for screening ready to go. Double check for any leftover rule breakers, like items left in your pockets, or that water bottle you forgot was in your bag.
Once your things come out of the X-ray machine, slide them down to the very end of the table while you gather your things. Doing this at the opening of the machine prohibits others from being able to get their things. If you need to, get your things and move to the seating area to put your shoes on.

When boarding your flight:

Know your airline’s boarding process. Do you need to line up numerically, or does this airline board by zone? Both of these can be found on your boarding pass. All airlines have a limit of 2 carry-on bags. Usually a roller suitcase and smaller item, like a bag or briefcase. You will need to consolidate if you you have more than 2 items. Make sure your suitcase is carry-on size or it will have to be checked.
Once inside the airplane, there’s an unspoken rule called the “10 second rule”. Basically, you have 10 seconds to put your suitcase in the overhead bin and take your seat. The longer you stand in the aisle, the longer it takes everyone to board. Your smaller carry-on must go under the seat in front of you. Your jacket can either be put inside your smaller bag, or kept on your lap. Putting these items in the overhead bins takes up space that is meant for suitcases. If people have to check their bags, this means possible delays. Wait until everyone has boarded. If there’s room in the overhead bin at this point, you can put your smaller bag or jacket in there.
While boarding, never attempt to swim upstream by moving against the flow of people boarding. Want to go to the restroom, or see your pal who’s in a different seat? Sit the F down and wait. It is incredibly poor manners to shove past people trying to board a flight.

Once seated

Be a good seat mate. Acknowledge your fellow traveler with a nod, smile, or say hello, but don’t be a Chatty Cathy. A stranger doesn’t want to hear your life story. Try to avoid bringing strong smelling foods on board. No one wants to sit inches away from someone eating a tuna sandwich with extra onions! Be mindful of other people’s personal space. Don’t sit in the middle seat and then decide to take your jacket off, while whacking the person to your right and left over the head with your sleeves! If you plan to watch a movie, or play games on your device, please bring headphones. No one else wants to hear the noise of your game/movie. Do not do anything gross while seated inches away from 2 other people. This includes things like: flossing your teeth, cutting your nails, and excessive nose blowing. You can do this another time. If it can’t wait, go to the restroom.

When deplaning

It’s common sense that you deplane in row order, but some people refuse to get this concept. It is never ok to race past people from the back of the aircraft (with the exception of being called up by airline personnel because of a tight connecting flight). Don’t feel like waiting? Is your suitcase serval rows back? Too bad, sit tight! While standing in the aisle waiting to deplane, the same rule of respecting personal space applies: don’t put on your backpack and proceed to ram the person behind you with it. There is a person standing inches behind them and no room for them to move away from your backpack molestation. The same “10 second rule” applies when exiting. Get your bag out of the bin and move along. Once in the jetway, move to the side if you need to stop and get situated. Do not stop walking in front of a line of people. If you do it to me, I will run you over with my suitcase while smiling with fake sweetness!

Traveling can be tough, but with a bit of know-how, you’ll be able to navigate any flight quickly and efficiently!

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