Dressing for the office when it’s hot outside and freezing inside can be quite the tightrope act! You still want to look professional, you can’t show up to work in a beach dress, even though you might want to!

On the other hand, a lot of professional looking outfits are too much in hot weather. Add in the fact that the air conditioning is on full blast indoors and you’ve got a style conundrum on your hands!
I like light, but still polished looking fabrics like linen and silk. This linen dress is just right for the office. When the air starts blasting, throw on a cardigan like this one to ward off the chill factor.
A silk shell paired with a linen pencil skirt is another great choice. Pair it with a linen blazer to stay warm indoors.

I remember when I used to work in an office that was always freezing. I would keep a blanket scarf like this one at my desk. You can throw it over your shoulders as a wrap, or put it over your lap as a blanket. A poncho style wrap like this one would also do the trick.

When it’s time to head out of the office, you can remove your chill prevention layer and show off your chic summer outfit!

The concept is similar when it comes to menswear in the office. For example, check out these men’s chinos for further inspiration. Linen & light cotton fabrics are chic, yet still breathable in warmer weather. Apply the same concept with a blazer, or cardigan to keep warm if it’s cold inside. Sometimes, my husband will skip the blazer all together and wear a dress vest instead.

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