As a Fashion Blogger, I get asked a variety of fashion based questions. Usually centered around what one “should” or “shouldn’t” wear.

I’ve been traveling more than usual lately, and had the opportunity to observe people’s style in many different places. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly! This really got me thinking about the don’ts of fashion.

First, do an honest assessment of your figure. Select clothes that conceal less than perfect areas and accentuate the positive. If you decide your tummy needs work, you would probably steer clear of crop tops…

Fashion is about taking a risk and trying something new, but, here are some Don’ts you’ll want to avoid.

Don’t take risks with sexy! Sexy becomes inappropriate and crosses into skanky very quickly. I try to pick 1 area to show if wearing a sexier look; décolletage, midriff, back or legs. All of the these in 1 look is going to attract the wrong attention.

Don’t wear clothes that are ill fitting. Even if you have a perfect body (who does??!) clothes that pinch or bunch up can make you look like you have a muffin top or other problem area that really doesn’t exist.

Don’t get carried away with a theme. Want to wear an Art Deco piece? Go for it! But limit it to 1 piece. Otherwise the look will get costumey very quickly. No one wants their outfit to be mistaken for a flapper costume.

Don’t ruin a great look by wearing the wrong undergarments. Visible panty line is a no-no. Bras and bra straps should not be showing, unless it’s a cute bra that says “I know my bra is showing and it’s on purpose.”

Nude leggings. It’s rare for me to boycott an article of clothing rather than a concept, but trust me, these are a don’t. For everyone.

Don’t wear outfits that don’t go with the seasons/temperature. 2 things I always think of with this one: the “LA cool guy” wearing a beanie when it’s 85+ degrees. And the opposite; the girls in Las Vegas in their mini dresses, freezing their butts off in January.

Fashion is a form of self expression. It can be fun to try new things. Keeping the basic don’ts in mind will help avoid a fashion disaster!

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