About Me

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Fashion has been a way of life for me. Ever since I was a little girl, I remember picking out my outfits and being very particular about my clothes! I would prepare my outfits each night, for school the next day.
I grew up in the tiny mountain town of Ojai, CA, and eventually moved to West LA to regain my anonymity. Fate later led me to Walnut Creek, where I live with my husband and our fur-child, Rosco.

5 Random facts about me:
1. I rarely eat junk food, but I love In-N-Out.
2. I am terrified of parrots.
3. I speak fluent Spanish.
4. I can’t stand seeing someone else brush their teeth.
5. If I could choose a super power, it would be invisibility.

XOXO ~Tasha Juli

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