This is the Pat McGrath Skin Fetish highlighter that ‘broke the Internet’! It’s available May 10th at Sephora.

Anytime a makeup artist makes a beauty product, I am excited to try it! I feel like they have so much experience with what works and what doesn’t!

This is a 2 piece set that comes with a brush. It comes in both golden and nude colors, I have golden.

The first piece is a 2 sided cream highlight. The pigmented side is of course, gold. I personally don’t care for this part of the product. I found it chalky and hard to blend. It also seemed to cling to pores, and I don’t have a problem with large pores. It’s very similar to Benefit’s Wats Up Illuminator, but at with a much steeper price tag. The other side of this product is a clear balm. I do like this, but I personally wouldn’t put it on my face. I’m too oily and this would just make me look greasy! However, I do think it is a beautiful product to put on your collarbone or shoulders for a nice bit of sheen.

The second piece is a beautiful golden powder highlight. I absolutely love this one! It’s so pigmented and creamy. It looks very natural and is shimmery without being glittery or chunky.

This one made the entire kit worth it to me. (I’m wearing this in the photos)

    I think this is a nice highlighter, but there are some negatives:
    $72 price tag (and I thought my Dior highlighter was pricey!)

    Packaging of products feels chincey, considering the price.

    The brush that is included with this set has a terrible odor, a blend of wet dog and chemicals!

    I only really loved 1 of the pieces of the set.

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