Can I just say the struggle is so real in finding a dressy, but cold weather appropriate look??!

I had plans to go to the theater, so of course, it’s appropriate to dress up. But it’s also pretty cold outside, which deterred me from putting on a dress. I decided to go with a 2 piece look, featuring one of Fall’s in colors, burgundy. I love this top because it’s off the shoulder detail lends a bit of evening appropriate sexiness to the look, but it’s also long sleeved so I can show some skin without freezing! This faux leather midi skirt is a better option for warmth than its shorter hemlined friends.

Burgundy is such a perfect color for Fall! It’s rich, beautiful and compliments so many skin tones! Try mixing it in as a pop of color with something like nail polish, or booties. Or make it more of a focal point in the way of a cozy sweater!

Thanks for reading and happy Monday.

Top | Susana Monaco
Skirt | Bardot
Shoes | Christian Louboutin
Lip Color | Bite Beauty (Bramble)
Bag | Celine

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