So, I was hoping to have an outfit post today, but it’s been so hot here! Truth be told, I haven’t been wearing much of interest, or even much at all in this heat! Adding insult to injury, our air conditioning decided to break in the middle of this heatwave. Sorry if this is an overshare, I was recently inspired by Wendy Nguyen (of , see her birthday post here) as she talked about her birthday and ageism in the “entertainment industry”. She was brave enough to share her age. If she can share all that, I feel more comfortable about sharing more about my personal life. Even if this time, it was just about a broken air conditioner during a heat wave!

It’s safe to say, I’m looking forward to Fall. In California, it’s still warm enough to go out and be comfortable without bundling up in a major way, but it cools off just enough to rock your favorite Fall outfits! What Fall outfit is complete without this season’s best boots and booties??!

This year’s trends offer something for everyone. Cognac, embellishments and 1960’s influences will be so “in” this Fall, just to name a few. Shop my Fall favorites below.

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