For many of us, the weekend is a time to de-stress and relax. But so many of us have trouble letting go and decompressing. Where do you start after a difficult week? Here are some of my favorite de-stressing ideas:

Get outdoors: go for a run, hike, or play volleyball at your local beach or park. Sunshine and fresh air will help you get your mind off whatever is bothering you.

Tackle that thing that’s bothering you: Do you have a heap of laundry, a messy desk or other chore that’s nagging you? Now’s the time to get rid of it and get it off your mind.

Cook something! But only if you enjoy cooking (this will only add more stress if you don’t) try a new recipe you’re interested in.

Go see a movie, or watch your favorite movie at home. Getting lost in someone else’s story will help your mind wander.

Be honest with yourself about a specific relationship that’s bothering you
: Sometimes there’s a solution or common ground. Other times it’s a toxic or unhealthy relationship, be it platonic or romantic. Someone who consistently causes you stress, worry or heartache, or even someone who doesn’t reciprocate your friendship isn’t worth your time. Direct your efforts toward the people in your life who are worth it, and/or meeting new people.

Do something nice for yourself: Get a facial, massage, manicure or mini makeover.

Get a change of scenery: Go on a trip. Even if it’s just a few hours from where you live, a road trip mini vacation will do good!

Happy Friday lovelies! Thanks for reading.

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