Last week, I posted my standard price range closet staples. Mixing in luxury items can make an overall outfit look more expensive. You can wear a t-shirt and jeans, but add a lux bag, heels or scarf and suddenly the entire outfit looks like a million bucks!
Most of the pieces I’ve selected are neutrals: taupe, black or navy. In order to justify the hefty price tag, you’ll need to get a lot of use out of each piece. But hey, if a bright red designer bag fits into your budget, go for it girl!

A perfectly tailored blazer: Top off a pair of jeans, a dress, or wear it to the office. This piece adds instant polish to any outfit.

Black boots: A classic pair of black boots will be in style practically forever, need I say more?!!!

A classic trench: The first thing I think of when it comes to a beautiful, classic trench is Burberry. If you have any type of cooler weather where you live, you can’t go wrong with one of these.

A designer bag: look for something in a neutral color and classic design. You’ll be able to carry it for many years, rather than just 1 season like the louder, trendier styles. No one wants a $2000 bag that they’ve used twice wasting away in their closet!

Nude pumps: Again, a classic silhouette and neutral color. These can be worn with practically anything. The fact that they’ll make your legs look longer is a bonus! Especially if you’re a shorty like me.

A leather jacket: This is the pricier cousin of a denim jacket. It adds polish and is the perfect light layer for cool weather. I prefer a taupe color as opposed to black. Sometimes I feel too much like a motorcycle mama in black leather, Gemma Teller anyone???

A fancy scarf: Again, if you have any kind of cooler weather where you live, you’ll need a scarf. Why not look and feel fancy while braving the cold!

Black slacks: These are especially important for all you business babes. They’re also a blank canvas for so many looks. Find a cut that flatters you and they’ll be in heavy rotation!

Which luxury closet staples is on repeat in your wardrobe?

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