I travel, a lot! Not only am I a professional at getting through the TSA line ( I scold the people in front of me holding up the line with their water bottles!) I also have my on-the-go beauty routine down to a science. I always have some skin savers and post flight beautifiers in my travel bag.

Flying can wear you out and dry out your skin. I personally hate to land and walk out of the plane looking like crap!

To keep the dreaded inflight dryness from getting to me, I take precautions to moisturize and protect my skin. I slather on some La Mer body creme onto my hands and arms, paying extra attention to my cuticles. I also apply some La Mer lip balm to my lips. This keep my lips from getting chapped (a pet peeve of mine! Chapped lips look and feel terrible). During the flight, I mist my face as needed with Mac Fix + for extra moisture.

Once I land, I like to assess the damage. I grab a compact to see just how terrible and/or tired I look. The first thing I do is blot my face with blotting paper. A brown Starbucks napkin or even a toilet seat cover will do the trick if you don’t have blotting papers with you! I always look greasy when I land! If I’m shiny, I’ll dab a bit of Mac’s Blot Powder on my t-zone. I never do this in flight. I feel like the more makeup I’m wearing in flight, the more breakouts I get!

If I’m looking tired, I’ll apply some of Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara. This stuff adds a slight curl to your lashes, making you look more awake. I will also dab on some Cle de Peau concealer on any dark under eye circles or blemishes. Then I apply whatever lip color of the moment I’m feeling. Lately, it’s been Marc Jacobs ‘Love Drunk’. This is a nice, wearable gloss. It’s moisturizing and this color is pretty natural. You can just slick some on quickly and it looks great! The last thing I do is dab on a bit of a light fragrance. Running around the airport and sitting in recycled air during the flight, always makes me feel stinky by the time I land! I’ll even run a bit of fragrance through my hair. I like to make sure and use a light scent for this. One of my favorites is Aerin’s Waterlilly Sun. That way it’s not overpowering or interfering with anything else scented I might have on. I also like to make sure it’s a rollover ball. That way I can dab it on as opposed to spraying a cloud of perfume around other passengers!

This post flight routine take only a few minutes. It’s a major pick-me-up! I find that I am treated better when I look nice, rather than a messy haired, pajama wearing, post flight zombie. You never know what good things will come your way when you look good! It might help you to score a nicer rental car, or hotel room!

My other 2 flight must-haves are my BKR water bottle and a big, cozy, but inexpensive scarf. I refill my water bottle at the airport, after the security line and before my flight. I will never drink any beverage given to me by a flight attendant. I’m a germaphobe and I’ve read some terrible things about how unclean inflight drinks are! Having my water bottle with me helps me to stay hydrated in flight. I also NEVER drink alcohol in flight. It furthers dehydration and makes my skin look and feel terrible!

I keep a scarf with me because airplane cabins are either sweltering or freezing. If I get cold mid flight, I have my scarf handy. I like an oversized one, so it can double as a blanket. I always bring an inexpensive one (like this one)with me, so that I can wash it after being on a grimy flight, or easily replace it.

My travel bag is a Louis Vuitton ‘Never Full’, but it’s usually always full 😉

This is my go-to because it’s canvas, not leather. After putting it on the dirty airplane floor, under the seat, or in the overhead bin, I can wipe it off with a Clorox wipe without ruining it!

Cheers to all my fellow Road Warriors! Fly safe, and stay beautiful!

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