This time of year, I spend a lot more time around the house than I normally do. This got me thinking about refreshing my pajamas and lounge wear. I read an interview with Christina Hendricks (yes, the redheaded bombshell from Mad Men) a while ago and something she said really stuck with me. I don’t recall her exact quote, but she mentioned something about how she doesn’t ever sit around the house in grubby sweats. She said she felt bad for her poor husband having to see that all the time. I completely agree. It’s important to me to look decent when sitting around the house. Not just for my husband, but for myself.

It’s kind of a downer to look in the mirror and feel yucky!

It’s a good idea to refresh and update your “staying in” staples. Get rid of anything that is wornout, grubby, ill fitting, or has seen better days in general. Pick up some new pieces that make you look and feel good! There’s a way to do comfortable and feel good about yourself! Think about it as a no makeup day, but for your clothes instead!

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

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